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On this page you can find links to special pages. Most pages have a connection to Australia of course, but there are also other pages that we believe are interesting to visit.

If you have a site or know a site you would like us to add to this page, we would be delighted if you told us. Click here to send us the address, we sort of need to take a look at the page before it is added here.


.:: Dolls and Toys Australia ::.

A web page filled with information about collectable dolls and toys of any kind. If you are looking up information for any kind of doll or toy, you will likely find what you are looking for here. Sindy, Batman, Powerpuff Girls and Action Man are only a few examples of what you will find here.


.:: A personal guide to Australia ::.

This is a personal guide to Australia with lots of great pictures and information about many places in Australia. It is a great place to visit and to read more, and the pages are both in English and Swedish.

.:: Pepper's Place ::.

A personal site about Australia of an Australian who has guided lots of tours around Australia. Go and take a tour...

.:: The Pinjarra pages of Ken and Hilda ::.

Western Australia is a big place and Pinjarra a little place but a beautiful one in WA. Visit these personal pages filled with information and pictures about Pinjarra and also about Ken and Hilda.

  Play games online

.:: Freecell ::.

This is a perfect place for people that likes to play the game Freecell. It is completely free to play and if you are really good, you will end up on the top 1000 score list. It is fun, it is easy and it is addictive!

.:: Jezzball (Bolaloca) ::.

Another great game to play on the net, Jezzball or Bolaloca as it also is called. Try to frame off 75% of the area and not get caught of the balls. Easy in the beginning but it is becoming harder for each level you enter. Prepare yourself for many hours of jezzballing.

.:: ZooKeeper ::.

We have spent many hours playing this game. Try to collect the animals in groups of three or more and collect points. Sounds easier than it is... but it is very addictive and fun.




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